Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten abilities

Leadership- I am able to take charge and get things done but also lead people in the right direction.
Responsible- Being responsible will come into play when I am older and have an adult job. I will be able to get my job done and do it well.
Motivation- I motivate myself to do my homework and try and excell at everything I do in life.
Athletic- I enjoy working out and staying in shape. This is a great quality to posess because I will be able to take that with me as I grow older and continue to stay healthy.
Maturity- Being mature helps me in high school and it will also help me in college becuase I am bigger than all the pointless drama that goes on. I don't involve myself in it and I try not to make it a part of my life.
Caring- I am a mother figure to my little sisters and also my little brother. I know this will only help me be a better, more caring parent to the children I have some day.
Extrovert- I enjoy being with people and working with them. I believe it will help me out in the futture because I plan to go into a career that requires working with people.
Fashionable- I like to dress well and wear what fits my body the most. I don't like very tight or revealing clothing and that will help me as I grow older and wear items that are for my age.
Smart- I know I am intelligent and that will help me get through college and the rest of my life.
Self-Confidence- I believe in myself and I know that I can do anything I put my mind to. I encourgae myself and that also encourages the people around me.

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  1. Megan, you are a very well-put-together young woman, and I'm glad that you are aware of all that you have going for you; continue to be cognizant of your abilites, and I know you will do well!