Friday, October 28, 2011


Once upon a time..
It was Halloween and all the children in the neighborhood were extremely excited. There some dressed as a witch, zombie, and vampires. There was also a little boy dressed up as the ghost, Casper. All the costumes were interesting and fun to look at as the children walked by. As the dark night began to set it, the neighborhood became quiet as the children ran back to their houses. I got up from my chair and walked into my house. As I closed the door, I heard a loud bang on the wall of my house. I walked outside to see what it was and I stepped into something slimy. I looked down to see that someone had thrown a pumpkin and qourd at my house. I was very suspicious, and wondered if it was the evil kid thatg lived next door. He always caused problems in the neighborhood. In that moment, I remembered that I had an apple pie in the kitchen. I quickly ran in to get, ran back outside and threw it at the boy's house. Now he knows not to ever mess with me again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exercise 2 Continued

Although some people believe these authors are taking aware their right to creative and personal writing, Graff and Birkenstein insist that they are merely trying to assist in the ways people structure their writing, rather than writing for them. In sum, then, their view is that their book will only benefit studennts and their writing techniques.
I agreewith Graff and Birkenstein. In my view, the types of templates that the authors recommend are very straight forward and can have any view point fit with them. For instance, in the example, "she argues that...., and I agree because,"can go with any view supporting or not supporting. In addition, you could use many other templates as well. Some might object , of course, on the grounds that the templates will only make their writing sound more robotic, than opinionated. Yet I would argue that the level of enthusiasm in the writing is soley based on the writer itself, rather than the templates. Overall then, I believe the templates that Graff and Birkenstein created, provide support and structure to opinionated writing-an important point to make given the fact that there are many opposing opinions surfacing in today's world.

Exercise 2

In the Introduction to "They Say/ I Say" : The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing, Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein provide templates designed to assist students in organized their persuasive thinking. Specifically, Graff and Birkenstein argue that the types of writing templates they offer truly improve the emotion and meaning in what people write and argue about. As the authors themselves put it, it is an "effective way of academic writing." Although some people believe

Exercise 1

There are many adolescents and parents that encourage high school students not to have a job while in school. They see high school as a job, and that is what they should be spending their time doing rather than making money. However, high school is very demanding and requires a lot of time and effort. On the contrary, many high school students enjoy having jobs. They enjoy having that extra money in the bank and being able to provide for themselves. For the truth is that having a job while in high school is a great learning opportunity. The student learns how to be responsible and balance their schedule with school and work. Sometimes these adolescents also participate in extra curriculars as well. In this essay, then, demostrates how having a job while in high school will only benefit the student, as it is preparing them for the future.