Monday, September 19, 2011


This chair was cold, dark and not in the slightest bit comfortable. Attempting to become comfortable was completely pointless. Sitting up straight was the most reasonable way to sit in this chair but, it required too much effort. I knew this chair would be my imprisonment for the next two hours, so I would have to get over myself. Time passed as slowly as the ant was crawling on the ground. The classroom became muggy due to the early summer heat. I did not want to take this exam seriously, but my grade depended on it. My legs were soon sweating, and sticking to the chair. I then thanked God that this chair did not have any sort of fabric on it because if it did, my legs would be irritated and itchy too. I knew, but did not want to admit, that i was lucky to have this chair.
As the clock struck twelve, I jumped out of the chair and ran out of class. Summer had finally begun! Just as I got out of the room, I realized the chair would spend its summer in the dreaded school. On that note, i ran back into the classroom, picked up the chair amd headed towards three beautiful months of summer. I thought to myself, "this chair got my through my last exam, the least I could do is give it a summer too." The chair has been with me ever since.