Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have a Stalker

It never once crossed my mind that such a thing would happen to me. I am a normal human being, with a normal boring life. I spend hours at my crammed office space, arguing with my fellow employees about reality television, things that do not matter in life. I finish my longs, dreary days with a long run to let go of all the negative energy I may have.
On one of these very needed runs, I was running through the path surrounded by numerous trees. It was clear that autumn had made its make on this area. The leaves on the trees were a rusty, orange color and the smell of fall setting in was almost theraputic. While making my way through the woods, I was thanking God for this beautiful day when all of the sudden, I came upon a stray cat.The cat was almost an exact replica of Garfield, with the exception of its size. I had never once come across a cat that looked like this.
 Let me get this clear, I am not a big fan of animals, let alone cats. It looked very helpless, almost pathetic. I slowed to a stop, and starred at the little thing. To my surprise, it starred right back at me. I looked to the left, and it did the same. I looked to the right, and it followed as well. I soon became tired of this cat and began to run again.
As I turned the corner to get on my street, I saw an orange object appear. I knew it wasn't flowers becuase I do not have the time to plant any. I thought,"maybe it is the neighbor's mums." However, as I got closer i realized, with much dismay, that it was the Garfield cat. I was astonished. This animal had followed me home! I could the wave of anxiety encompass me, and I began to sweat. "Why would this thing follow me", I thought. I quickly ran to my front door, stormed into the house, and slammed the door behind me. I then peered out the window, only to see that the cat was still sitting there. It was almost as if the animal was stalking me.
I woke the next morning to the sound of nothing. It was definitly, quite eerie. I slowly walked down the windy stairs to the first floor. I noticed that the stairs were covered in dust bunnies. I made a mental note to make sure that the bunnies get taken care of. As I walked past the front door, I looked out to see if the cat was still there. I then screamed at the top of my lungs as I found three, dead birds in front of the cat. "The cat had killed them!", I thought. I ran to my kitchen, picked up a spoon (which was the only thing I could find) and ran out into the morning sun. I ran at the cat, telling it to leave and go away. As I continued to make a scene, some of my neighbors came outside once they had heard me screaming. "What are you yelling at?", they said. "This cat is stalking me!", I exclaimed. But as I turned around, the cat was gone. It was no where to be scene. My neighbors, I was sure of it, thought I was a lunatic. However, I still see the cat from time to time, stalking my existence.

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