Friday, October 28, 2011


Once upon a time..
It was Halloween and all the children in the neighborhood were extremely excited. There some dressed as a witch, zombie, and vampires. There was also a little boy dressed up as the ghost, Casper. All the costumes were interesting and fun to look at as the children walked by. As the dark night began to set it, the neighborhood became quiet as the children ran back to their houses. I got up from my chair and walked into my house. As I closed the door, I heard a loud bang on the wall of my house. I walked outside to see what it was and I stepped into something slimy. I looked down to see that someone had thrown a pumpkin and qourd at my house. I was very suspicious, and wondered if it was the evil kid thatg lived next door. He always caused problems in the neighborhood. In that moment, I remembered that I had an apple pie in the kitchen. I quickly ran in to get, ran back outside and threw it at the boy's house. Now he knows not to ever mess with me again.

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