Thursday, August 25, 2011

Use of Language

To inform..
There have been plenty of times in life where  I have informed people about a certain subject. However, I do recall a time where I informed a group of people about a specific person. For the final project in my speech class my sophomore year of high school, we were required to write a tribute speech. In this speech I informed my class that my sister is my best friend and I would like to pay a tribute to her. She is one of the the strongest people I know and I admire her for everything she does and has been through.

To convince..
My little brother has a radio for is ipod that he keeps in his room. The other week he accused my sisters and I that one of us brought it to the basement and left it down there. He was rather upset with us but we all knew that none of us had taken it from his room and brought it to the basement. I explained to him that I already have a stereo in my room and there would be no reason for me to take his ipod radio down to the basement. I also told him that I rarely ever go in the basement so it would not have been possible for me to take the radio down there. I did the best I could to convince him and I think it paid off.

To explore..
My great grandparents own a cabin at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. For the past couple of years the water has been down 40-50 feet due to work on the near by dam.While my family and I were vacationing there, we came upon an island that was sticking out of the water. My older sister was scared to swim over to the island and walk on it to see what was there, but she followed me and we explored the island. It was made of many rocks and there was some plant life on it. It was pretty fascinating.

Make Decisions..
My sister recently completed her first year of college at the University of Cincinnati. Although she enjoyed her time there, she did decide to transfer to The Ohio State University. Along with the transfer, she is also changed her major. She was in early childhood education but she realized it was not for her. I remind her that she must make her decisions based on what she wants to do and not to rush them.

Meditate, pray...
My dad is close to 50 and he knows it. He has been running recently because he wants to be in shape and feel good about himself. However, he does have a lot of stress in his life like every other parent in the world. I suggested to him that maybe yoga would be a beneficial thing for him to start. The meditating would calm his nerves and release the stress from this body.

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  1. You have some good examples here, Megan! Remember that "explore" arguments are more about topics instead of places, such as looking at multiple opinions on some political issue, etc. Lake Cumberland is a great area though! Meditate and pray are things you might ask to a higher entity or things you debate with yourself in your head. Keep encouraging your dad to be healthy though!